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Danger, Keep Out Crosby

Danger, Keep Out Crosby

Fianna Fail’s poster hangers offer a subtle warning to the people of Ringsend.


National House Week

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was thinking recently about the number of days in the year that seem to have some special fundraiser attached to them.

Daffodil Day (Cancer)
Hard Hat Day (Niall Mellon Township Trust)
Sandwich Day (Africa)
Volunteering Day (Volunteering)
Car Free Day (Alternative Transport)
Earth Day (The Environment)

There are even whole weeks blocked off
Game Playing Week (Dyslexia)
Bike Week (Cycling)
Science Week (Science)

You get the picture, I could go on…and on.

In thinking about all these special days and weeks, I wondered to myself whether it might be
time to create a fund raiser to tackle the next huge crisis that’s sweeping Ireland. Negative Equity.

What I’m think here is National House Week with the funds raised going to people who find themselves in negative equity. Like Daffodil Day and Hard Hat Day and the rest you buy a little trinket to show you support the cause. I’m thinking a pyramid pin or a monopoly house.

The twist is that unlike those other fundraisers, you immediately turn around and sell the trinket to someone else for a profit. This buying and selling continues for the duration of National House Week. Who knows how much these trinkets will change hands for, or how much wealth can be created in that one week of feverish buying and selling.

Of course at the end of National House Week all trading will come to a complete halt. Those left with pyramid pins at the end of the week will not be able to sell them. They won’t have any way of getting their money back. That’s the risk of National House Week.

On the bright side the trinkets can be worn, so they have a utility value.

I don’t know if it would raise much money, but after 4 or 5 years of running it, people might get their heads around what a speculative bubble really is.

CIF – No news is bad news

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

The CIF through it’s has claimed that nothing newsworthy at all has happened in the Irish housing market since June of this year.

The last entry on the “Latest housing news” section of it’s website shows a link to a June 17th Irish independent story “House prices to rise by next summer”.

The lack of housing related news comes as a surprise to devoted followers of who rely on the site to keep them up to date with goings on in Ireland’s property market.

The media has been full of stories of developers slashing prices, offering loans, and handing out plasma tvs, but there’s no mention of this on the CIF run website.

The government is moving it’s budget forward, and apparently spending weekends “talking to” the CIF, but again no news of these events can be found on

The site claims that the numbers at work in the 25 to 34 age bracket is increasing at a rate of 6.5% per year, but makes no mention of the 40% increase in unemployment this year. One would imagine that one of the highest jumps in unemployment in the history of the state would be considered “News”.

It’s almost like they only want to include stories that suggest prices might rise, and they wish to completely ignore any story that suggests there may be trouble ahead for the economy or the housing market.