TV Show White Collar, I dunno

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Random Thoughts

I’ve been watching the TV Show White Collar, now in it’s second season, although I’m making my way through Season 1. I don’t know if I’ll make it.

The Pilot was promising-ish, and that was as good as it got. I’m midway through Season 1 and thinking of calling time on it.

It’s by no means the worst TV show I’ve seen recently, that honor goes to FlashForward (now mercifully put to sleep).

The problem with White Collar is that I don’t know what I’m watching. It’s not Action, It’s relatively undramatic, the comedy is pretty subdued. It seems to be a show that wants us to sit there and be constantly impressed by Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer).

We get it, the girls can’t resist him and he can smooth talk himself into or out of any situation.
But that all get’s old kind of fast if it’s all the show has to offer.

There’s an attempt to create a story arc about Neal searching for his ex girlfriend (Kate) but I was bored of that by the end of the pilot and it has rapidly gotten annoying. The simple fact is that I don’t care AT ALL whether Neal gets his girlfriend back. This isn’t Adrian Monk trying to solve the murder of his Wife. Every episode beats us over the head with the notion that Neal can have any woman that he wants, so it’s kind of hard to get engaged with a ridiculous story line about Morse Code, Treasure maps and X marks the spot leading back to the woman of his dreams.

White Collar also has Tiffani Thiessen, never a good thing for a TV show to have. I just don’t understand why she’s in the show. Virtually every scene she’s in feels like it was written as a favour to her. She ads nothing at all to the show.

Her husband, Peter Burke (Tom DeKay) is the FBI Agent that into whose custody Caffrey has been released. The whole point of the show is the contrast between the freewheeling Caffrey and the straight laced Burke. Caffrey is a ladies man and Burke …. isn’t.

But Burke is married to Tiffany Thiessen, who is clearly supposed to be hot. I don’t know. It all feels like Tiffany helped out a casting agent at some point, perhaps changed a tyre, perhaps administered a well timed Heimlich Maneuver in an LA restaurant, and this roll is her payback. She ads nothing to the show.

Again we pointless story lines about these two. From trying to find gifts for each other, to pretending they like the gifts, it’s all very unnecessary and boring.

Having watched one episode this evening I then watched an episode of Dexter and the shift in quality was frightening. Yes, White Collar is light weight pop tv. Yes, it’s not supposed to be competing with Dexter. Yes it’s an unfair comparison.

I’ll stick with White Collar for a few more episodes but I suspect that will only make things worse.

  1. daltonr says:

    OK, I’m out. The episode ‘All In’ was the final straw. Bye Bye White Collar.

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