Bye Bye Nokia, Hello HTC Desire

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Random Thoughts

My first mobile phone was a Nokia 1610. A Brick by today’s standards, but it worked and it never gave me any trouble.

I briefly switched to a Panasonic and then a Siemens phone. The Panasonic was ok (very slim by the standards of the day), the Siemens was a piece of crap that ended up in a rubbish bin after one bad call too many.

I swore after the Siemens debacle that I’d go back to Nokia and never stray again. And since that day almost a decade ago, I’ve stuck to my word and been through a range of Nokia’s from the frankly brilliant 6310 up to the fairly ok E71.

But times have changed and a mobile phone is no longer a phone with some software built in, it’s a computer with a phone built in and Nokia are no longer cutting the mustard.

One of the reasons I loved the early Nokia’s is that the intuitiveness and usability of the software was superb. Everything worked like you thought it should, and the phones were rock solid.

As the world has moved on to ever more elaborate devices (smartphones) Nokia have handed control over to rivals like Apple and HTC. They may try to wrestle back some of that control in the near future with their new N8 smartphone, but I think they might be doomed to fail.

It’s not that they make bad phones, they don’t. But they just don’t get that phones aren’t phones any more, they are computers. Computers need software. Apple has it’s AppStore, Android has it’s MarketPlace and Nokia? Nokia have a pile of festering puss that they call Ovi Store.

To understand how bad Ovi Store is, try and imagine you’re in college, studying computer science, and there are a gang of guys in your class who never attend lectures, spend the whole year getting drunk and partying, and then at the end of the year realize they have 24 hours to complete and submit an end of year project. Ovi Store is the kind of think they’d produce. It has been around long enough now for “kinks” to be worked out so I can only assume that Nokia intend it to be as bad as it is.

So, I’ve given up on Nokia and bought myself an Android phone (a HTC Desire to be exact).

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