Enda Kenny on YouTube

Posted: February 11, 2010 in politics

Well, it’s been a bad week for Fine Gael and Enda Kenny. Or so the media would have us believe.

OK, it’s pretty bad when you can’t come up with good reasons for not going into government with Sinn Fein. How embarassing. And yes, unveiling George Lee as the Mesiah and then having to admit a few months later that he’s actually just a very naughty boy, well that’s no fun.

But has it really been a bad week for Fine Gael? I don’t think so. In the grand scheme of things it hasn’t been particularly bad. Let’s look at some of the other bad weeks and months that this week had to compete with.

This is a party that is in opposition during the greatest economic collapse in the history of the state. A collapse that anyone with a functioning frontal lobe can trace back to Fianna Fail.

Have Fine Gael have managed land any punches? Have they F@*K.

Any votes Fine Gael have picked up seem to be protest votes rather than energized inspired voters. I suspect this partly because I’m one of those forced to choose between the corrupt idiots of Fianna Fail and the honest idiots of Fine Gael. l also don’t seem to be alone. Again and again conversations about the state of the country seem to be a mix of desperation for a bit of common sense leadership and despair that there’s no chance of it materializing.

If you were Fine Gael right now, what would you do?

Personally I think I’d have a couple of creative teams working on short commercials and movie clips that explain how we got into this mess and how Fine Gael will get us out of it. Go Viral. Uploading a PDF of a dail speech or a policy paper to a website is not going to win you votes or get your message across.

In my days teaching I worked on a simple principal that even complex issues can be explained to a seven year old, and if you can’t explain something it’s only because you don’t understand it.

I don’t understand how Fine Gael would rescue the country. I’ve tried paying attention and I don’t get it. It might be that I’m stupid, but I think it’s partly down to the fact that Fine Gael don’t understand their own message. They’re so desperate to be popular that they contradict themselves.

Out of curiosity I googled to see what Fine Gael was uploading to YouTube in the last few days. What I found was one of the most boring interviews I have ever seen. As an opener, to get you hooked Enda Kenny tells us that he was asked to chair a meeting. WOW!!! You really get us Enda. You had us at Hello.

See the YouTube clip here.

Ireland needs an opposition. NAMA is happening and kids who’s parents have not yet been born will pay for it. Taxes paid for decades to come will cover the interest on NAMA rather than on education or healthcare. And where is the opposition? It’s on YouTube telling us about chairing meetings.

Get the finger out. Hire someone to make a few charts and diagrams. Add a bit of animation and graphics. Get some quotes from actual experts. Take Fianna Fail’s lies about NAMA apart bit by bit and lay them bare for all to see.

If I didn’t know better I’d suspect Fine Gael don’t want to win the next election.

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