A Tale of Two Women

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is a story about two women. Both are (or until recently were) pregnant. Neither of them have any connection to me, in case anyone reading this is concerned about Mrs Daltonr.

The first woman being “with child” reached that great moment, the only time when an adult can “wet themselves” and be happy about it. Her waters broke. Nothing unusual about that, it does come with the territory of being pregnant. She did what any sensible person would do, she got herself to her hospital, presumably excited at the prospect of meeting her offspring.

Sadly, when her waters broke she apparently had held some back, which the hospital found objectionable, and she also lost points for her contractions not being frequent enough. Overall she just wasn’t up to their standards and was sent home. Whether a stern note from the head mistress was issued is not clear.
Let’s give the hospital the benefit of the doubt and pretend this decision was based on medical factors.

On returning home the rest of the fluid got it’s ass in gear and arrived. The contractions, shamed by earlier poor performance also put in some extra effort and performed with more vigor. Satisfied that she had corrected the flaws in her performance, Mum to be returned to the hospital for another shot at impressing the judges.

Sadly, again there was a problem. No beds. It appears the miracle of birth is now to become an elective procedure in Irish public hospitals.
Having been refused a bed, and with no stables near bye, Mum-to-be and child-almost-been were sent home again.

This happened, in Dublin, tonight. A night when buses aren’t running because of the driving conditions. Taxis are refusing to cover many areas outside the city center. In short a night when it’s dangerous to be on the roads, and where there is a very real danger of being stranded somewhere in a car, this hospital sent this woman home, because they couldn’t find a bed in a Maternity hospital.

I said this was a story of two women. The other woman gave birth in a private hospital. She had a semi-private room which contained two beds.
The other bed was empty.

That’s healthcare in Ireland folks. The Public system puts people in danger because it hasn’t enough beds, and the private system has more beds than it knows what to do with.

Kudos one and all. Job well done.

Every day I get happier and happier that mrs daltonr and I are stumping up the cash for a private hospital.

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