Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Given the revelation of Brian Lenihan’s illness it’s not surprising that there has been an outpouring of sympathy for him, and it’s deserved. I disagree with NAMA, I think the banking guarantee is a complete disaster, I think the government have moved too slowly and too little to tackle the crisis in the public finances, and despite that, I don’t think there’s anyone else on the government side of the house that I’d prefer to be in charge of finance right now.

I was glad to hear Lenihan say he wanted the opposition to carry on as usual, no going easy on him, because I have a few things to say, that under the circumstances many people might not say.

Watching Vincent Browne’s show last night the panel were gushing in their praise for Lenihan. The interviews were great, his attitude was great, he’s just great. It’s perhaps a little easier for Mr Lenihan to be positive given that he has quick access to the best medical care in the country.
Whether that care will be enough, we don’t know, but he has a fighting chance. Unlike the citizens who rely on the health service that his party has created.

I wonder, if the minister left his life in the same hands that Susie Long entrusted with hers, would he be so great? Would his attitude be so positive and inspiring? Susie Long could have lived were it not for the delay in getting care in our public health system. If we know anything we know that she is not alone.

I hope Mr Lenihan beats the odds and makes a full recovery, but I’m going to try and put him out of my mind and instead think about the hundreds of Irish people who every year get the same news he got. I’m going to try and think about about the people who realise, as Susie Long did, that they could have been saved.

Read Her Story.

Let’s not forget that Suzie Long died at a time when Ireland was supposedly a very rich country.
Let’s not forget that for the sake of a few million a year we passed on the chance to have cervical cancer vaccines.
Let’s not forget that we’re cutting the already shoddy health service that we have.


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