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Richard Hammond on Road Safety

Posted: October 27, 2007 in Random Thoughts

The Evening Herald recently carried a very short piece on some comments by Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond on road safety in Ireland. Now this was the Evening Herald so it’s entirely possible that Richard Hammond actually said the complete opposite of what I read, but let’s assume that the Herald got the general gist correct.

His first point was that it’s crazy that someone can fail their driving test and be allowed to drive away alone. That’s of course a perfectly valid point. I’ve said the same thing myself for years.

His next point however is where I have a problem. He suggested that young men have always wanted to drive fast and that governments should be focusing on trying to understand where that desire comes from.

Come on Rich! I like your show and you’re a very funny guy at times, but isn’t it a bit silly to coo and purr about how fast a Lamborghini is and how it’s speed makes all your senses tingle and then turn around and criticize a government for not bothering to find out where the desire to drive fast comes from.

Your entire show is an advertisement for driving fast.